in the beginning...

It all started at Poet's Jazz House in Hollywood.

Thursday nights was like going to church...A homework assignment was placed in the program every week to get the audience involved in the show.

The homework...complete one of three thoughts.  Due next week...a. When I was Young & Naive.  Sparked by the tale end of a conversation, this taboo topic poured from my soul.  What I discovered was the healing affect it began, an open dialogue, for some for the first time in public or ever...

At first it was a cute little poem, then an apology was tagged on the end and the flood gates opened.  EVERY time I perform "Robin" people of all ages, genders and races tell me 'Thank you'.  The healing of receiving an apology touched souls and changes lives.


I realized the healing had to be magnified worldwide; so, an awesome team of film makers and a magnificent team of actors brought my words to life...

Preferring the company of none, Robin searches to find out why all her beautiful and successful friends are single.  She uncovered one of the biggest secrets in the world...Child Sexual Abuse.


The eloquent words of Robin’s journey to face her past begin a tidal wave of healing hearts at Poet's Jazz House....just somewhere to go in the midst of searching your soul.  


A poetry lounge where spilling your heart is art and searching your soul is mandatory to get in the door delves deep into the minds of poets; creating a masterful work of art in this remarkable and profoundly affecting story; as seen through the eyes of a spoken word artist spitting the powerful intensity of truth.


Help Save the Children, Help heal the world...spread the word.


Young & Naive is the First in a series of Poetry-Films designed to Heal the Soul and Educate Minds.